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September 14, 2012

A Radical Way To Get Back At The Muslims

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I ran across a Radio Free Babylon cartoon that follows the theme of this morning’s blog:

Click on it to enlarge.

Michael J. Klassen



  1. I just came across this from a (yesterday’s) e-mail from APN, a peace-in-Israel group:

    “The Talmud says that whoever can speak out to his household to prevent wrongdoing but does not, is considered guilty of that wrong; he is guilty of wrongdoing if he does not speak out to his fellow citizens or even the whole world when he sees their wrongdoing. (Shabbat 54b)

    “At the (Jewish) New Year, our time of self-contemplation and judgment, we must consider whether we have spoken out when it was our responsibility to do so. Those of us who care deeply about Israel as a Jewish and a democratic state must acknowledge that there is much wrong that needs to be addressed. It is our responsibility to speak out and work to correct those wrongs.”

    We all face the same kinds of problems, whether we agree on the “solutions” or not,…

    Comment by Georgie-ann — September 14, 2012 @ 11:22 am | Reply

    • Georgie-ann, your email can be read in different ways: 1. Stopping wrongdoing by preventing the terroristic attacks; or 2. Stopping wronging doing by preventing the movie from being aired. I’m curious–what was the context of the email?

      Comment by Michael J. Klassen — September 14, 2012 @ 2:55 pm | Reply

      • I, myself, am being deliberately “vague” on what this might imply as far as deliberate actions to be proposed, but APN is much more definite as to what THEY wish to see. APN = Americans for Peace Now, and I’m sure you can easily find them on the web. They object to some types of Israeli government actions, desire to see peaceful solutions between the Israelis and the Palestinians, a two-state resolution, etc,… Of course I like the “peace” part of the idea, but I don’t have enough true knowledge about the underlying issues involved to feel comfortable deciding these issues “for” them, even in my own mind,…

        But certainly, I also like the idea of soul-searching and speaking up about perceived “evils” and wrong-doing, and also “working to correct those wrongs”,… From what I can tell (and what I have to go by), they are primarily diplomatically inclined and discussion-oriented in their organization,…

        “Fulfilling Biblical prophecy” is another portion of this particular issue for some,… and again, something that “sounds good” may have method and timing questions that I again don’t feel prophetically qualified to weigh in on,… so, I don’t,… I DO pray that the ones involved will make good decisions and be led by God,… Can I tell by looking which ones are on the side of “right” or God’s side?,… noooo,… Do I see any “perfect people” that I would “trust with my life???”,… noooo,… This why I consider God to be my safety and my strength and my “best friend”,…

        As far as terrorists, I’m from Rudy Giuliani land,… and he did a great leadership job in New York,… I would in no way, shape, or form be easy on terrorists, even if it meant a compromise in some of my own “freedoms”,… The story on that film’s origin is unclear,… I’m not in favor of dangerous things “slipping through the cracks” or being painted over with lies and sentimentalities,… but it happens “all the time”,… therefore, I must rely on:

        2 Samuel 22:33 “God is my strength and power, And He makes my way perfect.”

        Comment by Georgie-ann — September 14, 2012 @ 5:08 pm

      • (edit: “This is why … “)

        As much as what I can say from personal experience, I usually “see” two different trends that operate in different ways in “spiritual” prayer zones,… When it comes to “intercession”, the Lord seems to grant mercy and patience, and a longer time interval for prayer, love, witnessing, confrontation, “quoting the Word over the situation”, and more prayer, to have their gradual effect on the persons and/or circumstances being prayed for, where a voluntary change for the better is desired,…

        On the other hand, when prayers are encountering “overt evil” and strong demonic resistance, a direct confrontation mode goes into effect (spiritually), where the reverse seems to apply, and you “stand your ground” and don’t give an inch,… I imagine that this is also true on other levels, including the chaotic and confrontational events of life,… Discernment, maturity and wisdom and courage are necessary to understand what is required,… mixing the two modes up, (along with “pie in the sky” thinking), can lead to disastrous results,… “Spiritual warfare” can encompass a wide range of needs and approaches, but applying what’s actually required in any given situation, becomes almost like “a fine-tuned spiritual art,”…

        may God endow us with wisdom to see and understand, and bless our efforts to proceed correctly,…

        Comment by Georgie-ann — September 15, 2012 @ 8:32 pm

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